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General Session Entertainment 101 to Kick Things Off With a Bang!

Do you need General Session Entertainment for an upcoming meeting, conference or event?

Imprint Group can help!

Creative and custom are our jam. Here are the questions we always ask from our years of experience in producing superior entertainment and custom content to meet your budget, creative vision, and event goals.

  • Time. Identify the time you need to get your message across. We suggest no longer than 10 minutes. Our experience shows that it’s best to produce high-energy general entertainment in the length of 3 – 5 minutes. 
  • Content. What happens after the production? Does this lead into a speaker, awards, etc? 
  • Branding. What branding do you want to have customized and incorporated into the look, feel and lyrics you want to get across to guests? 
  • Production. We devote at minimum, four (4) hours of rehearsal time with a tech team in advance of the performance to make sure everything goes off as planned.

Here is a sample video Imprint Group has put together to show you how amazing General Session Entertainment can be and to get your guests hyped for the conference, meeting or event.

General Session Recap from Imprint Group on Vimeo.

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15,000 Person Cross-Country Transportation Program Planned by Imprint Group

Presented by FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, SEEK2019 is an adventurous event that took place in Indianapolis, IN from January 3-7, 2019.

The event is a gathering of over 15,000 college students, missionaries and church leaders as part of campus groups traveling from all points across the country. Over one-third of the attendees arrived by chartered motorcoaches, which we arranged. 

Our client’s goals and objectives were to offer member campuses a single-source for their transportation needs while maintaining a fair price to budget-conscious students.  Safety was also a top priority as the journeys are long.   

The role of our company was to communicate directly with campuses, obtain their needs and then source, plan, strategically route and manage the entire bussing process.  In total, we transferred 5,114 students on 98 buses originating from 60 campuses across the country – tallying 121,528 miles traveled! 

Coaches traveled from as far as Washington State and Virginia, with the longest trip originating from Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA – over 2,000 miles and nearly 30 hours of drive time each way. The University of Nebraska Lincoln had the largest single caravan with seven full size coaches. 

For those campuses with the longest journey or those that served as leadership campuses, travel began on January 1 and continued overnight to join a well-choreographed arrival process.  This year, we asked each campus liaison to activate an app that allowed us to track buses as they made their drive across the U.S. This provided timely data as the hotels pre-key the rooms and deliver key packets aboard each coach upon arrival.  

The overall program included numerous challenges and parameters, which we faced during the logistical planning portion of the program.  These included: 

  • Our client tasked us with sending an initial survey out to all campuses to gather estimated ridership and routing, followed by customized quotes and contracts for each campus. This resulted in 60 separate agreements to negotiate, review and approve. 
  • A coordinated bidding process to source buses from 22 states, including full vetting and due diligence of each bus company. In some locations we solicited up to five competitive bids to determine the best overall carrier to balance safety and comfort with budgetary requirements.  Executed agreements, additional insured certificates, driver names, numbers, etc. were gathered from each company chosen.  
  • A detailed master routing plan that included 60 different pick-up times and locations, timeline management of 60 simultaneous trips, pre-coordination of adequate stops for drivers (each bus company had their own requirements, in addition to federal and state laws), vetting and coordination of meal stops and, in many cases, pre-planned driver rotation/swap-out plans. 
  • Securing 98 driver hotel rooms nearby the HQ hotel and sufficient parking for 98 full-size motorcoaches – this sounds way easier than it was!  We also had to coordinate driver gratuity pick-ups, handing out over $31,200 in cash, which required working with a local bank to secure as none of our staff wanted to travel with that much money in tow!   
  • A detailed communication plan to the hotel for the arrival process, with all 98 buses set to arrive within a strict 4-hour window allowing for check-in in advance of the opening session.  Because we would be unloading nearly five buses in each ten-minute period, the plan had to begin with strategically setting the departure times from across the country to arrive in sequence and not all on top of each other.   
  • We then crafted a similarly, but very different departure plan for swiftly loading passengers and getting all buses on the road again within a few hours of the conference closing, communicating to and allowing those with the furthest distance to travel to board first. This also included reverse timing for all stops, restaurant and break coordination for the 98 buses!   
  • In addition to the over-the-road transfers, we ran an extensive shuttle over the conference days up to 17 hours a day.  Peak service daily had 26 buses moving between ten hotels.  We used local buses on arrival and departure days due to DOT regulations on driver hours, but on the middle days we utilized the over-the-road coaches and were able to save the client nearly $300k by negotiating the hours for no charge while onsite and providing the drivers a healthy gratuity for their time.   

Our client was thrilled with the outcome of our services.  Diligent planning and preparation in advance of the program paid off as the execution of everything was nearly flawless.  The additional convenience and cost savings realized from consolidating the efforts proved valuable to executives as they, without hesitation, have retained our services again for future years!    

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“The Greatest Showman” Special Event Comes to Life

For the 10th consecutive year, our client turned to us to produce entertainment for their Beaux Arts Ball. 1,200 guests attended this $2M fundraising gala, being Denver’s most anticipated event of the year.

The Beaux Arts Ball is renowned for its dynamic theme, incredible décor and over-the-top entertainment where returning attendees come to expect a new year of the bar raised even higher.

Through a four-act entertainment production and a cast of 68, our team infused the sounds, sights, movement and euphoria of P.T. Barnum’s mesmerizing world, portrayed through the motion picture, The Greatest Showman.  

We worked for months to develop a unique adaptation of the motion picture, The Greatest Showman. Our team carefully selected songs from the treasured film that best reflected the overarching message that our client was seeking to portray: “What Makes Us Different Makes Us Special.”

Our creative team not only created a customized production that featured a cast and crew of 68, but was also heavily involved in partnering with the décor, catering and production partners to ensure that not only the client’s entertainment objectives were met, but that the entire event had a cohesive look and feel to support what the client wanted to achieve. With their trust, we built the show. 

The entertainment elements included four vignettes that were seamlessly woven throughout the evening’s schedule, starting with the guest’s entrance. Inspired by vintage circus advertisements, our design team worked to create memorable photo opportunities as guests enjoyed the cocktail hour in the foyer. Intricate, theatrical makeup and costuming were perfected to recreate some of the most recognizable characters from the film, of which we dispersed into the crowd to interact with the guests. This included the Three-Legged Man to The Bearded Lady… and everyone in between!  

It is always a challenge to engage the attention of 1,000+ guests, getting them to proceed to dinner in a timely fashion.

To achieve this and allow for the evening’s celebrations to remain on schedule, our creative team produced an exciting, high energy moment starting in the foyer and leading into the ballroom.

The lights dimmed to a glow, and a bright spotlight shined on the Ringmaster of the evening. As he broke into the song “Come Alive,” the other cast members from the photo ops joined in vocally from around the room.  The ballroom doors opened in unison to reveal the main ballroom featuring six live cirque acts, an additional cast of 20 dancers and a live band all singing, dancing and welcoming guests to The Greatest Show!    

After guests were seated for dinner the room fell to darkness and all that could be heard was a cadence of Stomp, Stomp, Clap, Clap, Stomp, Stomp, Clap, Clap. On the video screens were clips featured from the famous scene of circus goers doing this same cadence in unison, encouraging our audience to join in. A backlight dropped down on our Ringmaster and cast from the main stage, allowing the guests to only see their silhouettes at the start of the song “This is the Greatest Show.” 

Our experience in other facets of event planning also allowed us to take into consideration the other moving pieces of the event as a whole, ensuring a seamless event and production for the client.   

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Event & Technical Production is our Jam

BBYO, the largest youth organization in the country, called on Imprint Group to produce its four-day 2019 International Convention in Denver, CO over President’s Day weekend.

The convention brings together 6,000 attendees, the majority of whom are teenagers, to discuss and organize around positive change for their communities and across the globe. 

In a new city, with a constrained budget, Imprint set out to create a technical design fit for a younger generation and appropriate for major EDM talent, while also managing more than 262 speakers, presenters and performers who took the main stage or led one of the 45 breakouts offered daily.  

Attendees gathered to hear from speakers, presenters and performers ranging from Olympians to politicians, and experience live concerts with major headline acts. Imagine a national political convention planned by, and for, teenagers to get a better understanding of the scope and difficulty of the overall program and the importance of the technical production.  

Our client had a clear objective – create an MTV Music Awards-level show on a non-profit budget.

Attendees are teenagers, who spend thousands of dollars to participate in this experience and have regular exposure to concerts and production heavy awards shows or programming. The convention must be “cool” and feature exciting entertainment to sustain and grow attendance, thus relying on superior technical production to keep teens coming back.  

Our challenge was obvious – produce a show whose design is vitally important to the organizers and their future marketing efforts but do so with a budget where production is only 10% of overall costs.  

Our technical design featured a series of seven screens designed to look as if they were one continuous screen extending beyond the natural borders of the preset stage. The continuous look was important as sweeping animations moved from side to side across the room. 

The center screens were three 15×27 canvasses, flanked by two taller 12×21 screens, which featured the program speakers on IMEG. The two outboard screens, also 15×27, extended beyond the stage and were hung flush against the theater’s curved wall. An additional 10×10 LED screen was placed directly behind a custom-built podium that served as a step and repeat for branding on close-up shots.  

To fully utilize the 200+ feet of canvass, we flew seven 18k projectors, and had seven additional redundancy projectors. In years past, using other companies, our client had experienced major issues with A/V. Thus, we created multiple layers of redundancy so if any equipment were to stop, we’d be ready to move to plan B without compromising the show.  

In the end, the convention guests rated the show the best in our client’s history of the event and we are working feverishly to top the 2019 look and feel for 2020.  

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Innovative Events & Incredible Entertainment is What Imprint Group Does Best

The National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) chooses a different state each year to hold their annual conference. This year, they selected Denver, CO to host the 141st conference, which our team was honored to produce.

The Governor’s Reception is the main event, allowing the opportunity for the host state to welcome the more than 3,500 attendees to their outstanding destination. 

Our team created a “Rocky Mountain Adventure,” showcasing the region in all its glory. With this inspiration, our team implemented food and beverage, décor, transportation, venue management, audio visual production and entertainment to curate this unforgettable experience. 

This event helped support, highlight and enhance our client’s purpose – to help their committee shine and welcome the guests to their state. Attendees are active and retired military, spouses and supporters of the National Guard, meaning the event is a special opportunity to thank and show appreciation for those who have given their lives for our country. 

Our team transported 3,500 guests via motorcoaches from downtown hotels to Wings Over the Rockies, a former Air Force Base that houses a collection of both military and general aviation aircrafts. Activating over 18,200 square feet of the hangar and exterior parking lots, this “Rocky Mountain Adventure” became a beautiful evening. Entertainment included two bands, mechanical bull riding and cornhole competitions, live birds of prey, tasting stations and multiple photo opportunities.  

Event décor included bistro lighting over the outdoor space creating a beer-garden feel, specialty tables, linens, centerpieces and branded sponsor stages.  Additionally, we brought in perimeter fencing, portable restrooms and generators while also coordinating security, off-duty police and trash removal.   

Our team faced a many challenges during the event’s design and planning. Since NGAUS is a non-profit association who raises their own funds to support the event, our team was tasked with providing an incredible event on a limited budget.

We embraced this challenge, finding new and creative options to achieve the same “WOW” results.  Along the way, we had volunteers finding donations of items we had sourced and quoted as well as seeking out cheaper or alternative options.  We tactfully navigated that line, repeatedly, entrusting the committee chair in the value of the services and items we provided at the costs quoted.  

In closing, our team rose to the challenges of creating a fluid event from concept to execution. Throughout the process, we stepped into our roles as experts, guiding the NGAUS group of volunteers and committee members in an unforgettable event. In the end, our client received rave reviews and noted “this was the best Governor’s Reception we’ve ever had.”  


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Last Minute Multi-Component Special Event? No Problem for Imprint Group

With exactly one weeks’ notice, from the initial email to the start of load in, our team was brought in to redo and authenticate a 4-day, multi-million-dollar program in a secluded location outside of Denver, Colorado.  

With one weeks’ notice, from the initial email to the start of load in, our team was hired to redo and authenticate a 4-day, multi-million-dollar program in a secluded location outside of Denver, Colorado.  

The multi-day event was a “thank you” to the couple’s friends and family.

Our initial contact from their team was via a 4:45am email with the subject line: “URGENT Call me!”  Our client explained the situation, asked if our team and preferred vendors could handle it, and 24 hours later we began working around the clock to execute miracles, in advance and once onsite, to make everything happen including numerous custom items, an insane number of rider requirements and around-the-clock transportation.   

Our role was to plan for and manage the following components over the multi-day program: transportation, onsite and offsite event(s), recreational activities, staffing, registration and a hospitality desk.  

Beginning on the 4th of July, 110 VIP guests started arriving to enjoy a multitude of activities, fine food and wine, back-to-back-to-back evenings of celebrity entertainment and a once-in-a-lifetime Sunday Service finale. 

The highlight and biggest challenge of the program came, less than one week out from the performance date, as they began discussions to add “Sunday Service” and all that surrounded him/it as the weekend’s finale.  After getting through negotiations, they pulled the trigger Thursday, when the guests started arriving, and it was a secret! 

There is no way to adequately describe the magnitude of what happened behind-the-scenes to pull this off in just a paragraph, but it included clearing trees, building roads on a mountain top, erecting a concert structure, turning an alpaca barn into a green room and making ground and other arrangements for the VVIP lead plus a choir of 60, with the total entourage approaching 100! We could go on and on, but the greatest moment came following the performance as we were told our team was “the best they’d ever worked with.”    

Additional highlights included: 

  • Branded items such as custom posters for each evening, signage, napkins and four different logo’d uniforms for 85 catering and onsite event staff.   
  • Managing entertainment riders for 8 a-list acts, including multiple onsite requests that could not be denied due to the level of the talent. As a reminder… we are in mountains, in the middle of nowhere with limited cell service and the closest city/store is more than 30 minutes away, yet we found a way to make them ALL happen!   
  • Activity coordination and 24-hour on call staff to register guests for horseback riding, fly fishing, archery, axe throwing, skeet shooting, a medium, sound bath meditation, yoga, chair massages, astronomy and more.  All organized and finalized in a week and paramedics onsite just in case.   
  • Reducing, revising and/or repurposing nearly $100k worth of décor that had already been ordered with several custom pieces we had to re-adjust to look authentic and not over-the-top.     
  • Around-the-clock transportation including individual and talent transfers, onsite staff shuttles due to limited parking, last minute talent RVs, local guest valet and golf cart rentals with drivers to move around the property.  In total we utilized over 125 individual vehicles!   

To pull a program of this nature off in such a short period of time, our internal team of five worked a total of 311 planning hours in the six days leading up to the program and our onsite team of seven worked 355.5 hours over the four event days, tallying 666.6 hours over the 12 days, including multiple 20+ hour days for several of the team during the program.   

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Juice Plus Leans on Imprint Group for Entertainment and Special Event Expertise

Imprint Events Group was called upon by a multi-million-dollar health and wellness client in order to produce their bi-annual convention.

The convention is attended by independent representatives to inform the leaders on new products and top sellers, educate through motivational speakers and seminars, and culminate with several parties.

Imprint immersed guests into a lively, two-day experience filled with custom décor and entertainment that radiated in the brand’s identity, from a high-energy general session opening act, to a silver-themed party celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary, to a four-piece custom vignette with projection mapping, to a final party that glowed from the ground up.  

In addition to a fully branded experience with photo booths and step and repeat walls throughout, another large component of this program was the opening general session act.

Our company created and produced a 10-piece branded drumline that performed in front of specially made motion graphics that glowed in company colors through LED elements. This preceded the production and performance of a national act as a surprise element for the guests in conclusion, which our team also led.  

For the evening event and reception, in order to allude to the 25th Silver Anniversary celebration, our team took the theme in a transformative stride. 

Acrylic chairs, silver couches and white branded tufted bars shone in the cocktail area within the foyer. Glass and silver belly bars with leather bar stools filled the space on both sides, offering additional seating for guests. Weaved through the foyer in tall silver cylinders were large, tropical floral arrangements adding a vivacious look and feel to the space. Silver metallic balloon wall treatments tied back to our Silver Doll strolling appetizer tray, as well as a living “silver carpet” model for winners to walk down, creating a special arrival moment. Finally, on a satellite stage, we placed ice carvers to live sculpt a 25th anniversary logo for both a photo opportunity and live entertainment element. 

Finally, our team designed, choreographed, and created customized music and lyrics for four vignettes that were performed throughout the evening, the first of which began with the opening of the ballroom doors. The overall concept was inspired by the Academy Award Winning musical, La La Land, along with cultural elements inspired by the city that hosted this event.  

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Imprint Group Partners with Dance Trax

We’ve got big things ahead, and are thrilled to officially move forward as Imprint Entertainment, bringing two of Colorado’s most trusted entertainment resources together.

Dance Trax family, we are SO excited to officially be moving forward as Imprint Entertainment, making Dance Trax and Imprint Group DMC ONE!

We look forward to bringing you our unique, experiential entertainment to your events in 2020 and beyond!

Please be sure to follow our new Facebook page, Imprint Entertainment, as we unravel this new chapter!

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Swoon Worthy Event Ideas

Unique Event Ideas to Wow Guests at Your Next Special Event!

New, fresh, different, unique – that’s what Imprint looks for everyday to ensure our clients and their programs delight and wow attendees. It’s super easy to get caught up in pitching the same ideas over and over.

You won’t catch us pitching “Viva Las Vegas” or “Western” themes in Colorado or Nevada unless asked and even then, we’re going to spend a lot of time thinking about how to elevate those ideas so they feel fresh to the viewer.

So this February, we asked our Creative Solutions team to share what products and ideas they LOVE right now. What are clients responding to? What idea just needs an adventurous client? We LOVE this list and had to share!


Experiential Entertainment – Edible Mist!

Imprint Group is the leading planning partner in Destination Management Services (DMC), Special Events, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Entertainment and Event Production in Colorado, Florida, and Las Vegas. 

These edible mist orbs create an intense cloud of floating inhalable flavor. Using cutting edge ultrasonic vaporizing technology, each machine produces a continuous stream of edible mist from a range of more than 200 flavors, all at ZERO calories!

This is just one example of edible entertainment, but there are so many we love. There are a ton of branding opportunities too – laser branded sandwiches anyone?



Purposeful Photobooths – Calligram!

Imprint Group is the leading planning partner in Destination Management Services (DMC), Special Events, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Entertainment and Event Production in Colorado, Florida, and Las Vegas. Every event has a photobooth, so how can yours stand out? The Calligram provides your picture using key words and phrases that are either important to you, or to the organization/brand that’s hosting the event.


It’s an awesome take away that marks the event but delivers a message too.




Modern Day Mood Rings – Brain Art!

Imprint Group is the leading planning partner in Destination Management Services (DMC), Special Events, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Entertainment and Event Production in Colorado, Florida, and Las Vegas.  For something more artistic and abstract, book Brain Art! Each guest participates in a “brainstorming” session where they put on a brain helmet, which reads their brain waves.

A piece of artwork is then generated based on what waves were sent and the technician can read your mood based on the colors, flow and strength of the piece printed.

The technician can explain what the colors and shapes mean, guests will be comparing moods all night long!


Recycled Décor – Laser Cut Centerpieces!

Imprint Group is the leading planning partner in Destination Management Services (DMC), Special Events, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Entertainment and Event Production in Colorado, Florida, and Las Vegas. We are in love with these cardboard laser cut centerpieces of different types of dogs for a pet friendly event we have coming up in April.

We can produce a variety of animals (or other ideas) in a range of sizes. Imagine affordable art at the center of everyone’s table – amazing!




Wandering Doesn’t Mean You’re Lost – Maps & Travel!

Imprint Group is the leading planning partner in Destination Management Services (DMC), Special Events, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Entertainment and Event Production in Colorado, Florida, and Las Vegas. The Wanderlust feel and vibe is one of our favorite themes to pitch right now. Interactive entertainment ideas abound when travel is a part of your event.

Whether you want to show a virtual simulation of where everyone has traveled from; highlight destinations using 3D mapping on an actual map; or give away 3D printed locations or detailed maps turned into abstract prints, there are so many touches to help bring this theme to life.




Smaller, Intimate Adventures – Sidecar Tours!

Imprint Group is the leading planning partner in Destination Management Services (DMC), Special Events, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Entertainment and Event Production in Colorado, Florida, and Las Vegas. For smaller groups visiting Colorado, try a sidecar motorcycle tour of the mountains.  Groups of 10 can explore the Rocky Mountains with their own “Sidecarist” or Chauffeaur whose helpful information is being shared through a helmet with Bluetooth communication systems that allow for a continuous, crystal clear conversation throughout the experience.



By Franny Starkey, General Manager I “The Glue”


Would you like more information, planning a special event or need our destination management services? Contact Imprint Events today for help!

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Imprint Group Receives 2018 Special Event Award

Imprint Group Given Special Event Award for Incredible Event Production

Denver DMC, Colorado DMC, Colorado Corporate Event Production and Live Entertainment for Corporate Events Imprint Group Denver Florida Las Vegas Live Bands Interactive Entertainment Best Corporate EntertainmentLast week, a small company headquartered in Denver received the award for “Best Theatrical Entertainment Production” in the world at the 2018 Special Event Gala in New Orleans last week.

The team at Imprint Group couldn’t be prouder or more humbled by this honor for our work creating a custom Hamilton inspired show for the 2017 Beaux Arts Ball and our client, National Jewish Health.

The Special Event Gala represents the oldest and most prestigious awards ceremony in the events industry and recognizes the industry’s best work worldwide. This year, Special Events magazine received more than 400 nominations from eleven countries.

For the 8th consecutive year, National Jewish Health called on Imprint to produce the entertainment for their annual fundraising Gala. They wanted to parlay the popularity of Broadway’s hit musical, HAMILTON, and create an experience that would excite and attract patrons by bringing this cultural phenomenon to life in Denver.

The result was the “Freedom Ball,” a celebration of America’s independent spirit and resolve demonstrated through the entertainment by a series of vignettes that mashed up iconic numbers from the musical and modern songs that connected to the theme.

Check out the incredible recap video that takes you from the choreography and blocking to the event itself by clicking HERE.  Interested in pictures from the Special Event Gala – find them HERE.

The Beaux Arts Ball burst with the youthful and revolutionary energy focusing on America’s path to freedom.  We wanted the audience to discover this game-changing musical while experiencing the relevant contemporary hits that had everyone raising a glass to freedom!

We are so grateful to National Jewish Health and all of our clients who give us the opportunity to do our best work every day; and we couldn’t be more thankful to have such an incredible team giving their best to Imprint each day.


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