Virtual Events & Meetings

Imprint is a leading provider of digital and streaming services with an in-house team and capabilities to support and deliver your virtual needs.

In today’s changing landscape, the need to continue business and hold virtual meetings is paramount, where digital meetings are transforming the corporate events and meeting landscape globally.

As meetings are now taking place online at an increasing rate, there are a variety of things to consider as you start to strategize how to accomplish this. From virtual teambuildings, to live entertainment elements – all while incorporating the human touch that our world is lacking today, let Imprint’s team be your experts in delivering LIVE experiences in a virtual world.

Live Streaming

  • Pivoting to live streams and virtual fundraising events are an imperative new focus for planners, not to mention a vital tool to raise your organization’s profile and bring your people together to connect and learn critical information in regard to your messaging. Imprint is an expert – from deciding which digital platform is best suited for your live stream, to executing each and every detail that follows to execute your live streaming.

Digital Content

  • Custom, creative digital content is the enhancement that will really make your digital event a stand-out experience. With Imprint’s in-house digital and creative team, we can deliver custom graphics, templates, and backgrounds to be implemented throughout your digital event that speaks to your brand messaging and overall theme of the event.

Video Production

  • There’s an infinite amount of ways to incorporate video into your digital meetings, elevating engagement, emotion, and seamlessness. Whether it’s custom motion graphics, utilizing existing footage, or conducting safe, in-person video shoots, our team of storytellers are experts in creating impactful video content for the enhancement of your digital meetings.

Virtual Experiences

  • While we may be physically distanced, we surely do not have to be socially distanced. While people crave human interaction now more than ever, Imprint is using this as an opportunity to put extra time and thought into incorporating moments of delight into all aspects of producing virtual experiences and meetings.

Online Teambuilding

  • Imprint has been a leading provider in customized, entertaining teambuilding for nearly 20 years and is here to create and elevate this in a digital world. Online teambuildings can be customized for your company, your messaging, or your group, and can be delivered on any platform – from charitable givebacks to educational classes, to scavenger hunts, trivia and more.
  • Create a Fun Online Teambuilding Program

Live Entertainment Online

  • Live entertainment elements can be woven into many aspects of your digital meetings. Whether it’s a live Professional DJ entertaining guests as they arrive or featured performances by national acts, Imprint is your entertainment expert – from creating and sourcing the entertainment, to knowledge on the legality around streaming music online in this setting.

Set Design & Fabrication

  • While we shift to a digital and virtual landscape, strategically planning and designing your surroundings will contribute to the overall experience of your events, alluding more and more to the replication of an in-person event.  Work with our creative and digital team to help develop custom set designs and graphic fabrications that contribute to your event’s overall experience.