Unleashing the Potential of AI in Event Planning: Embracing Benefits while Navigating Red Flags with Finesse

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Has AI undoubtedly transformed the landscape of event planning? I feel like that’s the big question!! Here’s what I know – it’s a powerful tool that can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance attendee experiences. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential red flags associated with using AI and to approach its implementation with expertise and precision.

While AI can automate mundane tasks like scheduling, email communications, and data analysis, it’s essential to strike a balance between automation and human touch. AI can suggest ideas based on patterns and data, but it takes experience to evaluate those suggestions and apply them creatively and strategically. For example, we played around with DALL-E and used our company logo as a template. A few of the images were ok, but most felt replicated. Nothing unique. Overall, we spent about an hour of our day with this exercise. Time well spent – unsure, but it was interesting; however, it needed guidance and checking. It’s not perfect!

I would recommend voice.ai for any voiceovers. Our production team has started exploring this option for our VOGs or video voice overs, etc. It does take a little time, but the cost savings of hiring a voice actor or getting studio time outweigh the time invested in prompting the platform correctly. Plus, who wouldn’t want a Morgan Freeman type voice as a video voice over? 

One major concern when utilizing AI is the credibility and usefulness of the content it generates. AI can draft event descriptions, promotional material, and social media posts. However, a detailed eye is needed to ensure the content aligns with the event’s vision, tone, and message. Continually review and edit AI-generated content to maintain the human touch and ensure accuracy.

The success of incorporating AI largely depends on the quality of the input or prompts we provide. Clear and specific prompts will yield more relevant and valuable AI-generated outputs. Take the time to fine-tune prompts and communicate precise instructions to your AI tool.

And it should be noted not everyone is enthused about the AI revolution. To many, this is another way for companies to flood the internet with low-effort content in hopes of ranking on Google. 

In 2022, gaming fans created a fake character named Glorbo and posted about it on the game’s subreddit. They hoped that AI-powered news websites would pick up on the posts and generate articles about Glorbo, even though the character didn’t exist. The plan worked. Several AI-powered news websites published articles about Glorbo. The articles claimed that Glorbo was a new character who would be added to a popular game series.

The Glorbo hoax successfully showed how easy it is for AI-powered news websites to be fooled by fake information. It also highlighted the need for these websites to be more careful about verifying their published work.

If you’re hesitant about embracing AI-driven content or incorporating AI into your world, that’s entirely natural; skepticism shows you’re being cautious. Begin with simple prompts and impart your unique style to them as you familiarize yourself with AI programs. Remember, your brand’s reputation is at stake, so thorough verification is vital. While some may boast of tenfold productivity gains, in reality, it often translates to a twofold increase with substantial editing and verification. Nonetheless, doubling productivity is impressive! If someone offered you a tool to enhance productivity twofold, you’d seize the opportunity without hesitation. 

So, with a discerning eye and the right approach, AI can become an invaluable ally in taking your event planning endeavors to new heights. Embrace the power of AI while ensuring your personal touch shines through for truly remarkable events.


Rachel Fusco

Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

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