“The Greatest Showman” Special Event Comes to Life

For the 10th consecutive year, our client turned to us to produce entertainment for their Beaux Arts Ball. 1,200 guests attended this $2M fundraising gala, being Denver’s most anticipated event of the year.

The Beaux Arts Ball is renowned for its dynamic theme, incredible décor and over-the-top entertainment where returning attendees come to expect a new year of the bar raised even higher.

Through a four-act entertainment production and a cast of 68, our team infused the sounds, sights, movement and euphoria of P.T. Barnum’s mesmerizing world, portrayed through the motion picture, The Greatest Showman.  

We worked for months to develop a unique adaptation of the motion picture, The Greatest Showman. Our team carefully selected songs from the treasured film that best reflected the overarching message that our client was seeking to portray: “What Makes Us Different Makes Us Special.”

Our creative team not only created a customized production that featured a cast and crew of 68, but was also heavily involved in partnering with the décor, catering and production partners to ensure that not only the client’s entertainment objectives were met, but that the entire event had a cohesive look and feel to support what the client wanted to achieve. With their trust, we built the show. 

The entertainment elements included four vignettes that were seamlessly woven throughout the evening’s schedule, starting with the guest’s entrance. Inspired by vintage circus advertisements, our design team worked to create memorable photo opportunities as guests enjoyed the cocktail hour in the foyer. Intricate, theatrical makeup and costuming were perfected to recreate some of the most recognizable characters from the film, of which we dispersed into the crowd to interact with the guests. This included the Three-Legged Man to The Bearded Lady… and everyone in between!  

It is always a challenge to engage the attention of 1,000+ guests, getting them to proceed to dinner in a timely fashion.

To achieve this and allow for the evening’s celebrations to remain on schedule, our creative team produced an exciting, high energy moment starting in the foyer and leading into the ballroom.

The lights dimmed to a glow, and a bright spotlight shined on the Ringmaster of the evening. As he broke into the song “Come Alive,” the other cast members from the photo ops joined in vocally from around the room.  The ballroom doors opened in unison to reveal the main ballroom featuring six live cirque acts, an additional cast of 20 dancers and a live band all singing, dancing and welcoming guests to The Greatest Show!    

After guests were seated for dinner the room fell to darkness and all that could be heard was a cadence of Stomp, Stomp, Clap, Clap, Stomp, Stomp, Clap, Clap. On the video screens were clips featured from the famous scene of circus goers doing this same cadence in unison, encouraging our audience to join in. A backlight dropped down on our Ringmaster and cast from the main stage, allowing the guests to only see their silhouettes at the start of the song “This is the Greatest Show.” 

Our experience in other facets of event planning also allowed us to take into consideration the other moving pieces of the event as a whole, ensuring a seamless event and production for the client.   

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