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Have you ever put an hourly value on your salaried employees?

When you start focusing an hourly value on a salaried employee, the energy on your company’s 80/20 (20% of your clients create 80% of your revenue) drastically changes.  I challenge every manager or business owner to ask a salesperson, “How many hours a day do you focus on reaching out to clients that represent what your level of client should be?”  

Columbia Business School did a study and determined that a typical salesperson only spends 90 minutes a day talking to qualified, vetted clients.  The rest of the time is spent checking emails, researching
clients, working on proposals, and general office politics.

Based on that, is that 90-min/day spent on a client, is it worth their time? Is it worth the perceived hourly value that represents them?  Does it represent what they are currently getting paid? Does it represent what they ultimately would like to get paid?

When you start making that mental shift, you will see an explosion of growth that you never could imagine.  Put it to the test and reply back. We would love to hear from you.

Chris Starkey, Co-Founder

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