Rethinking Event Spending in the Post-2020 Era

Hey all,

Like you, we’re continuing to navigate the post-COVID landscape of events. In reality, this “new” landscape is most likely our “norm” in the events world. One of the most significant changes we’ve seen is event spend – the evolution and, ultimately, how to execute and create on any budget. 

Many pundits believe that event spending has plummeted after 2020 and the recession, but the reality tells a different story. The spend is there, but the ask around intentionality, purpose, and drive are now at the forefront. Sure, these key “asks” were always there, but not always top of mind. Gone are the days of extravagant and frivolous spending. Therefore, companies have become more discerning, focused on crafting intentional, authentic experiences that resonate with their audience. Sound like you? 

We appreciate this thought process and understand this shift all too well. We’ve watched this landscape transform and have with it. As always, we aim to create meaningful connections between your brand and your audience, regardless of budget. 

You might wonder, “Can my budget deliver an impact at my event?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Our team thrives on creativity and innovation, aligning a powerful experience and highlighting your brand identity and objectives. The larger question is, “Do you trust us?” Expertise is no small thing. Combining your client knowledge with our impact knowledge – you will be surprised how far your budget will go. 

Join us on this journey to reimagine the future of event spending. We’re here to help you navigate the new era confidently, purposefully, and successfully. Together, we’ll create events that captivate hearts, inspire minds, and drive real results.

Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletters for more updates, insights, and event inspirations. Until then, let’s make your dreams work.


Imprint Events Group Team

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