The Rebrand Process: From AXS to Imprint Group

AXS Group Team Employee John G

When you start talking about a rebrand for a company, the first and most important thing you must ask (and really understand) is WHY? First, because this is a painful process and why go through it if you don’t have to? But more so, to ensure you understand your brand so any change is long lasting and felt by your audience. This is who we became the Imprint Group.

For us, we have spent the past few years building momentum and developing our approach in a way that truly feels different as a company. As we’ve improved our game, we determined that what’s important to us about what we do, is delivering a real IDENTITY to each and every event. We always aim to make our client’s brand felt in a way that advances their agenda.

Becoming Imprint Group…

Our job is to help them make an impression, or an IMPRINT if you will. Ultimately, we decided that a unique approach and unique culture deserved a new name. A name that would clearly define our vision and goal. So Imprint Group was born! “Events with Identity” serves as our tagline making our message clear.

But how can you take an idea or new brand and bring it to life? We wanted the brand to be “felt” not “heard.” For me, I always knew I wanted to utilize a fingerprint as the logotype. But I was unsure of the color. After late night creative conversations with the team, we rested on a multi-colored thumbprint to represent color psychologies. I mean, every event is different, right? We didn’t just stop there, though. We needed to convey the perfect brand voice, essence, image, and overall care that we have for our clients in a single image. From the font all the way to the lexicon used in conversation, it needs to be consistent with the idea that we are easy to talk to and care about making your event distinct.

Once we had a true understanding of the overall feel and intangibles, the rest fell into place pretty easily. Following a standard that was first set with the early discussions of why and how, we created campaigns across multiple platforms to support the roll out of our new brand. From photos, to videos, to giveaways and sponsorships, we aim to leave our own fingerprint on the market.

The rebrand process has been a long haul, but entirely worth it. The focus now is communicating our core values of vision, passion, communication, identity, impact, innovation, and integrity through not only everything that we say, but more importantly everything that we do!

By John Gillette, The Architect / Brand Manager

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