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This Valentines Day, we turned to our Creative Solutions team to let us in on the products they’re loving to pitch this time of year. Here’s a closer look at the bands, activations and venues that our sales team is loving this month:

SoundUP! Band | Carolyn Durrant | Creative Solutions Manager

“Not only are they the hottest band right now, but they are a great fit for out clients. Not to mention, I even had them at my own wedding and still have my guests raving about them months later! Them, along with all of our clients who book SOUNDUP! for their events”

Entertainment Band for Corporate Events Entertainment and Special Events Live Band

What do you get when you mix power house vocals with “DAX” one of the hottest DJ/Rapper’s in Orlando?  SOUND UP!  This high energy 8piece band brings the excitement to your event.

Get ready to have the best of contemporary music with their own DJ mash up twist! Watch them in action here.

The Shades | Lauren Hines | Business Development Manager

“The Shades are what I love to pitch the most at the moment. They are mysterious, intriguing, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen at an event. They don’t make a single noise, yet they are a conversation starter. Perfect for networking receptions, and for creating wonderful, lasting branding opportunities for corporate events.”

Entertainment Band for Corporate Events Entertainment and Special Events Live Band

Using nothing more than a typewriter and charming wit – The Shades are an anonymous duo who provide an “accurate assessment” of your appearance. They do not have the ability to speak… but they are always watching and observing. Guests will be curious as to what they are doing – once the word spreads, everyone will want to meet The Shades and bring home their custom note they write for each guest!

Mustachery Booth | Shannon Rodriguez | National Director of Business Development 

“I love pitching our mustachery booth! Our team can dos much with this interactive product. A lipstick bar or jewelry bar where ladies can find just the right shade of lipstick or costume jewlry for the occasion and of course a “Mustachery” that includes a guest matched personality test to find just the right mustache. Fun twist, make it a Kissing Booth!”

Entertainment Band for Corporate Events Entertainment and Special Events Live Band

Inspired by the mustache barbershop in the film, a “Moustachery”, this activation includes an interactive quiz that matches guests personalities with mustache styles. So-called “barbers,” actually brand ambassadors, hand a custom card to guests that explain the mustache that best fit their character. We love adding costumes, jewelry and a lipstick bar for more activations and photo-ops!

Community Art Wall | Heather VanBenschoten | Director of Accounts, Destination Services

“I love pitching out Community Art Walls, because of their creativity and inclusivity from an activation standpoint. Guests paint, spray and draw throughout the event’s entirety, creating a unique mural. The mural then results in a beautiful piece of art that can be displayed in company offices – there’s no limit to the colors and themes that can be created throughout the event!”

Corporate Team Building and team building activities for adults

Our Community Art Wall is a wonderful interactive product, where an artist lays out a canvas for guests to build and paint upon throughout the event. At the end of the event, he dries it, cuts it into a shape or frame and outlines it with a pop to bring it to life. Our Community Art Walls are wonderful for interactive projects that result in a take home, branded moment, or piece of art to display in your company offices!

Valentines Day Decor | Dawn Harker | Partner, CO Resorts

“I love this decor for Valentine’s Day because it features rose quartz and Amethyst, which are associated with love. This event in particular took place at Allies Cabin on Beaver Creek Mountain where you arrive by sleigh. The fireworks take place every Thursday night, where they host a winemakers dinner. Thursday’s are the only night open to the public – it is a private club and is only available to club members or group buyouts!”

special event decor ideas and corporate events themed

There’s truly nothing more fun to pitch for Valentines Day than a look to match! We recently pitched this theme at the beautiful Allie’s Cabin in Beaver Creek Mountain, featuring a gorgeous rose quartz and Amethyst, both associated with love. There’s no better time to watch this theme come to life and bring a touch of magic to the room!

The Mob Museum | Marcie Lapehn | Associate Director, Las Vegas

“I love selling the Mob Museum because it can be utilized in so many different ways for an event! We can sell this as a stop on a group tour, a full afternoon excursion, or a private event space. The event space is beautiful and historic and the information in the museum not only pulls you in but it shows you the history of Las Vegas and from our nation in that era. After being transported through time, guests can head downstairs to their brand new Distillery called The Underground. They brew their own beer and distill moonshine. There’s even a hidden room for VIPs in The Underground and a speakeasy entrance for your guests!”

corporate events special events DMC events Destination Management Companies best

The Mob Museum can be utilized for many different types of events, which is why we love to pitch it and use it in a multitude of ways! It is a great space for group tours, full afternoon excursions, or private events. Take a walk through history and be transported through time as guests experience a bold and authentic view of organized crime from vintage Las Vegas and beyond.

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