Inspiring Interactive Entertainment

iPad Robots. Made from metallic materials, these eye-droids are equipped with Apple’s new iPad, positioned within a custom helmet that covers the performer’s face.

These androgynous, digital people movers can display graphics, business messaging and video customized for your company’s conference. Because eye-droids are genderless, they are appealing both as featured performers and as informational spokespersons.

Prices per Droid include 20-minute sets of performing with a 20-minute break. Up to four (4) Droids available at one time.

Pricing includes programming fees to put messaging on the iPads – can be funny sayings, announcement, names, dates with special meaning, photos or videos. Please note, photos and videos may require additional programming time, which may result in extra fees.
Oxygen Bar. 
Oxygen Bars fit well with the Colorado altitude as well as with the theme presented. The Oxygen Bar has a fun bubble bar front, 10-12 different aromatherapies and takes about 5-7 minutes per person.  Oxygen Bars add life to any event and come with fully educated and trained technicians ensuring that your guests are well taken care of and that all questions are answered properly.

Showbots. The Showbots are the ultimate in interactive technology. This combination of technology and live performance becomes an instant celebrity icon, a powerful communications tool and media magnet wherever he goes.  Gliding through almost any environment, the Eventbot will amaze, entertain and inform guests and leave a lasting impression!  Truly defining the term “WOW FACTOR”.

Displays a live video feed directly to the eventbots’ video screen. A voice synthesis that allows for direct communication with guests. Has an on board media computer that can run a video, play music or run a slide show of pictures. The Showbot can also be used as a wireless sound system! Exterior can be customized with company’s colors and logo’s for an additional fee.

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