Imprint takes on Orlando!

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Imprint Group likes to surprise people, give them an experience they weren’t expecting, which means showcasing Orlando – the land of Disney and Universal Studios – can be difficult.

Research is my thing, I spend a lot of time finding the hidden gems and treasures of this city so we can provide our clients unique ideas and opportunities they never would have thought of on their own.

Orlando is so much more than our theme parks and colorful characters, it’s a playground for corporate clients who come to work and to play.  We’ve done our job well if we’ve created a rich, diverse, and extraordinary experience that inspires a return visit to this amazing sunshine state.

Imprint Group Is Your Orlando Event Planning Partner

What helps is our eclectic team – we have such different backgrounds and perspectives, all of which come together to provide unique solutions for the average corporate event.

Within our team, we have members who love theme parks, they are the first in line when a new ride opens or they worked their for years, so have a deep knowledge of its offerings and the various logistics involved in planning a program there.

We have our outdoorsy people who regularly experience Orlando’s outdoor adventures from Glow Kayaking to private island excursions or yoga on the beach. We have our urban millennials who eat out every night and are our resident experts on market dine-arounds, wine tasting or fancy smores overlooking downtown from a high-rise.

These are the types of experiences your typical Orlando visitor never thinks they might have, they leave and say “wow, Orlando was so much more than Disney and everything I thought it would be.”

That feeling is the Imprint difference we strive to create when we talk to a client and propose our ideas and services; it’s the feeling that brings us to work each day and keeps us smiling.

We can’t wait to introduce you to Imprint Group Orlando!

by Shannon Rodriguez, Sr. Creative Solutions Manager

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