Special Event Idea: Celebrity Wine Tasting

Did you know that Angelia Jolie, Andrea Bocelli, Fergie, Dave Matthews, Wayne Gretzky, Drew Barrymore and Sting all own wineries? And that’s only naming a few!

Take your penchant for judging celebrities to the next level and drink all at the same time! By creating a unique space you can turn your next reception or party into a tasting lounge featuring your favorite celebrity wine makers.

The trend of celebrities owning wineries and vineyards is not a recent phenomenon, though it has certainly garnered more attention in today’s information age. In ancient Greek and Roman times, the leading philosophers, playwrights, politicians and generals of the day often owned a vineyard for personal use. There are many reasons why celebrities gravitate to the world of wine.

Usually celebrities have a large amount of wealth accumulated which makes the significant investment of opening a winery or vineyard negligible. It’s fun to peek into the life of a celebrity and even more fun to try and figure out who made what!

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