Event & Technical Production is our Jam

BBYO, the largest youth organization in the country, called on Imprint Group to produce its four-day 2019 International Convention in Denver, CO over President’s Day weekend.

The convention brings together 6,000 attendees, the majority of whom are teenagers, to discuss and organize around positive change for their communities and across the globe. 

In a new city, with a constrained budget, Imprint set out to create a technical design fit for a younger generation and appropriate for major EDM talent, while also managing more than 262 speakers, presenters and performers who took the main stage or led one of the 45 breakouts offered daily.  

Attendees gathered to hear from speakers, presenters and performers ranging from Olympians to politicians, and experience live concerts with major headline acts. Imagine a national political convention planned by, and for, teenagers to get a better understanding of the scope and difficulty of the overall program and the importance of the technical production.  

Our client had a clear objective – create an MTV Music Awards-level show on a non-profit budget.

Attendees are teenagers, who spend thousands of dollars to participate in this experience and have regular exposure to concerts and production heavy awards shows or programming. The convention must be “cool” and feature exciting entertainment to sustain and grow attendance, thus relying on superior technical production to keep teens coming back.  

Our challenge was obvious – produce a show whose design is vitally important to the organizers and their future marketing efforts but do so with a budget where production is only 10% of overall costs.  

Our technical design featured a series of seven screens designed to look as if they were one continuous screen extending beyond the natural borders of the preset stage. The continuous look was important as sweeping animations moved from side to side across the room. 

The center screens were three 15×27 canvasses, flanked by two taller 12×21 screens, which featured the program speakers on IMEG. The two outboard screens, also 15×27, extended beyond the stage and were hung flush against the theater’s curved wall. An additional 10×10 LED screen was placed directly behind a custom-built podium that served as a step and repeat for branding on close-up shots.  

To fully utilize the 200+ feet of canvass, we flew seven 18k projectors, and had seven additional redundancy projectors. In years past, using other companies, our client had experienced major issues with A/V. Thus, we created multiple layers of redundancy so if any equipment were to stop, we’d be ready to move to plan B without compromising the show.  

In the end, the convention guests rated the show the best in our client’s history of the event and we are working feverishly to top the 2019 look and feel for 2020.  

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