Company Picnics – Location, Location, Location

Budget Friendly Venues.

Consider hosting your company picnic at a local park. Larger area parks have shelters and some, event spaces that can be rented for a minimal fee. City Park Pavilions and the Washington Park Boathouse offer great event spaces, gorgeous views and the opportunity to rent paddle boats and other park recreation for guests to utilize.

Make sure to find out what the capacity of the shelter area is, if restrooms are nearby, what parking is like on the day of the week your event will be held, power sources and rental hours (City Park Pavilions for example, rents for nine hours which includes set-up, event and tear-down time.)

Another alternative is to host your picnic or summer gathering in the parking lot of company headquarters during lunch hours or dedicate a Friday afternoon to spending several hours outside among colleagues. If the parking lot doesn’t offer a lot of shade, make sure to provide tents and misters if its a particularly warm day.

Location, Location, Location.

Company Picnics Infinity AXS Group EventsWe’ve compiled a short list of great company picnic and outing locations. These options can accommodate groups from 25 to 2,000+, offering exclusivity and a great experience.

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