Changing 1% will 10X your business

In the investing world, compounding your interest is the greatest way to creating generational wealth for your portfolio, and it’s all based on a RIPPLE EFFECT.  A small amount of money every month can create a tidal wave of financial freedom as time progresses.

The same can be said about how you look at your business.  Invest just 1% of your time every day in how to be better as a business, and in one year, your business will be 37 times better than when you started. Conversely, if you get 1% worse every day…you get my point.  Becoming 1% better every day means focusing on the one tiny action you can take today to get one step closer to where you want to be tomorrow. It means sticking with these tiny actions, day in and day out (even when you feel like they aren’t working) because you know they will compound into something significant. 

Here are three areas in a business that can create profound change:


What if you added a 1% jump of profitability to just one piece of business?  Then, you did this
with just 1% of your clientele, and your average ticket per client was $1000.00 every single day?  What
would that do to your bottom line, and what kind of impact would that create for your clients?


What if you changed one small thing in your office every day for 260 days (annual workdays).  These items could be as small as saying hello to one more employee than you did the day before.  It could be telling one person something positive, sending a thank-you card to a colleague just for the heck of it; adding an in-house holiday celebration.  GET CREATIVE.  After a full year of these “ripple effect” changes, what would your office look like?


Try spending 1% of your day, every day, looking at a new client, researching someone on LinkedIn that may be worth saying hello to, reaching out to an existing client unexpectedly and unprompted.  Challenge yourself to do that for 260 working days, every year and sure, you will get some NO’S. But each No you receive gets you one step closer to your YES!!!!


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