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Virtual Meetings + Events: Taking your Teambuilding Online

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Digital Events & Taking Teambuilding Virtual

Teambuildings are more important now than ever before as we are constantly being challenged with an ever-changing social, political, and environmental landscape. Read more about the benefits and logistics of taking your teambuildings online from Imprint Operations and Entertainment Producer, Joe Reynolds.


5 Benefits of Taking your Teambuilding Online

  1. Team engagement in a virtual setting.
  2. Budget-friendly.
  3. Larger reach for companies that have offices throughout the country or globe. 
  4. A nice break from a long day of webinars.
  5. Multiple community give-back opportunities.

Teambuilding activities have been around for as long as we can remember. They are something we have always been engaged in throughout our lives, whether it be a classic ice breaker on the first day of school or summer camp, a cash cab competition, or a supermarket sweep that ends with a giant, live cooking challenge at a concert venue.

(Okay, so maybe we haven’t all done that – but if you’ve engaged the Imprint team for your teambuilding event, chances are, you have.)

Teambuilding activities help us learn how to better communicate, work with others towards a common goal, give back to our communities, and allow us to give in to the rewarding and collaborative feeling that comes along with being a part of a larger team and purpose.

Teambuilding activities go beyond getting your team together for an afternoon of fun challenges or community givebacks.

It pushes your participants out of their comfort zones, making them stretch their capabilities, challenging their understanding of the “norm” and allowing them to bond with their colleagues in these shared experiences.

All these elements are more important now than ever before as we are constantly being challenged with an ever-changing social, political, and environmental landscape. It’s common that your clients and employees are feeling isolated during this time and taking your teambuilding virtual is a wonderful solution to that problem.

Teambuilding activities allow your team to still congregate in a “shared space” while maintaining safe practices for all involved. Whether it is through a virtual cooking class, a fun game night, a scavenger hunt around your house, or an art or music class in your participants’ living rooms.

There are countless ways to engage people in this new virtual landscape – it has simply forced us to challenge the way we have done things in the past. Which, if you ask us, makes it an exciting time for teambuilding.

5 Tips for Virtual Teambuildings

  1. Keep it short and sweet. We recommend nothing longer than 60-90 minutes max. 
  2. Content is King. Keep the content moving and keep it engaging.
  3. Utilize multi-media opportunities whenever they are available.  Pictures, videos, memes, sounds, etc. will help keep your audience’s attention.
  4. Hire a professional Emcee. Someone who is already skilled in keeping people’s attention will give you a huge leg up in keeping your participants engaged.
  5. Rehearse. Rehearsing with your staff, tech, and emcee is a benefit that we do not necessarily get with an in-person activity.

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What Makes Virtual Teambuilding Different?

While virtual teambuilding activities share a lot of the same qualities that in-person activities do, there are a few key differences that we must remember in order to have a successful teambuilding.

The biggest and most obvious difference is that your audience is in the comfort of their own home or secluded to their own office. Either way, they are not physically with each other, so it is much easier for them to become disengaged throughout the activity. How do we fix this?

As you have heard many times and will continue to hear, content is king. With your audience not physically together, it becomes even more vital that you have engaging content that is formatted in a digitally digestible way.

This means gone are the days of slides full of data, verbiage, and graphs. Welcome to the digital era where we quite literally need to bring all the bells and whistles in order to keep the audience engaged. Make sure to incorporate videos, music, and imagery throughout your activity in order to grab and keep your audience’s attention. 

Another big difference in the digital world is timing. An average in-person teambuilding activity runs two hours. In a virtual setting, we recommend cutting that by half. This is yet again due to the simple fact that your audience is participating through a screen. After an hour, it is going to becoming increasingly likely that people begin tuning you out. One hour will give you the time you need to engage your guests, get them interacting with each other, and run a few challenges. 

If your client would like a longer or more extensive teambuilding, think about spreading it over a few days. We have concepts that would work great that function over multiple days!

The last difference worth mentioning is team size. While in a normal setting it is very typical to have teams of 8-10 people, that size is just too large in this digital world.  Again, it is going to be more difficult to keep people engaged in this landscape, so having a smaller team will give everyone a chance to participate and be active throughout. Of course, there are activities and options to utilize larger groups, but if possible, a smaller group will lend to more engagement and stronger activity. 

Activity vs Challenge vs Community Giveback

Do you and your client want a teambuilding activity, challenge, or community giveback? This is a hugely important question to ask and truly understand at the beginning of the planning process.

A good understanding of each will allow a more simple and efficient planning process.

Activity – A teambuilding activity can range from a group paint night, skeeball tournament, trivia game, or cooking class. All digitally, of course. There can be some level of competition here, but with an activity, your whole group will be together throughout. There will be no breaking off into smaller groups during an activity.

Challenge – A teambuilding challenge is more involved than an activity. With a challenge, we will take your group, break them into smaller groups, and have some sort of competition component. The group will work together within their smaller teams in order to accomplish a task, complete a challenge, or play a game. All the teams will be competing against each other throughout the challenge and we will crown a winning team at the end of it all.

Community Giveback – A community giveback teambuilding can incorporate either of the above styles. This has become a vital piece of corporate teambuildings over the years and moving to a digital platform only opens up our opportunities for the community giveback teambuilding.

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Virtual Meetings + Events: Taking your Fundraiser Online

Digital meetings are transforming corporate events & meeting landscape globally. How to engage with online audience & increase virtual event participation.

In an effort to adapt to today’s event landscape while also raising funds for hospital workers and frontline staff, we produced a virtual fundraising concert for our longstanding partner, National Jewish Health – the #1 respiratory hospital in the world. Our virtual fundraiser featured national acts and had thousands of people tune in from over 56 countries. Read more about the step-by-step process of hosting a virtual benefit concert online from Imprint Director of Accounts, Franny Starkey.



I was listening to a webinar with two panelists from major non-profits that serve communities across the country and was particularly struck by a common phrase one of the panelists mentioned was nomenclature in her organization.

She referred to “blue sky” and “gray sky” fundraising. This is the work an organization does year-round to raise dollars when the need isn’t urgent is referred to as “blue sky” and when disaster strikes the organization’s efforts turn to “grey sky” fundraising.

What if your organization’s work can’t solve the grey sky, but you’re still affected by it

How do you ensure your cause is still relevant and therefore your funding flow doesn’t dry up?

Nonprofits and associations are wrestling with this question as benefits, galas, and fundraising events across the country cancel and the nation’s focus turns, rightly, to support our essential workers and organizations helping to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

While online fundraising has always been a critical aspect of any development plan, pivoting to virtual fundraising events is an imperative new focus for planners.

Virtual Fundraising for Non Profits

Events are a critical tool for nonprofit organizations – they help raise money, yes, but also raise the organization’s profile and bring people together to connect and learn critical information about the state of the foundation

These events become emotional because of the critical need that is being highlighted or the incredible stories that are shared.

How does that emotional pull, that helps to raise the necessary funds from the event, manifest in a virtual setting? 

What are the advantages of hosting a virtual fundraising event?

  • Overhead cost is much lower so profit margin increases. Production for virtual is much less than hosting a physical event.
  • Participation can be expanded – there are no capacity issues online.
  • Benefits for sponsors can be extended through additional marketing and the length of the event’s archival online.
  • Talent and entertainment options are limitless – prerecorded content makes scheduling issues easy! Mobile and online bidding platforms already exist and are in wide use, easy to integrate them into most virtual event platforms.

How can a planner create that all-important human element online and inspire viewers to give:

  • Utilize incredible talent that’s more accessible than ever. National acts and major speakers have significantly reduced their rates for virtual engagements and scheduling issues are easily resolved because content can be prerecorded and presented “live.”
  • Use the time spent on producing the event on personalizing the invitation and messaging throughout.
  • Consider spending some of those saved budget dollars on delivering customized thank you gifts in advance or following the event.
  • Create unifying moments throughout the virtual experience to create a sense of community around your cause. These could be as simple as everyone lighting a candle together at once to everyone delivering a simple message in unison.

YES – virtual fundraising events can work and be meaningful!

Where do you start planning a virtual fundraiser? Here are some important considerations:

  • What digital platform is best for your event?
  • What online bidding platform is best for your chosen event platform?
  • How many viewers do you anticipate?
  • Will you charge to attend or just solicit funds live?
  • What’s included in your program? Keep it to 60 minutes or less.
  • What entertainment is featured? Consider the legality around music streaming online.
  • What interaction from the viewers is important to the event?
  • How can sponsors be highlighted in a virtual setting?

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Virtual Meetings + Events: Adding a Human Touch in a Digital World

Digital meetings are transforming corporate events & meeting landscape globally. How to engage with online audience & increase virtual event participation.

In today’s changing landscape, the need to continue business and hold virtual meetings is paramount. Digital meetings are transforming the corporate events and meeting landscape globally. Read more from Imprint VP of Account Management, Adriane Hodder, based on our recent remote event, “Chef’s Feature.”

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Digital Events: Make Your Next Online Meeting a Success

Meeting professionals around the globe are having to pivot quickly to educate themselves on how to shift from in-face meetings to virtual conferencing.

Logically, meeting planner’s first focus will be determining the best virtual platform to use based on their audience, followed by creating an agenda and all the tedious yet important business strategy will need to be thought through to build a strong remote meeting foundation.     

While this is, of course, is imperative, I think all of us are realizing even more so after our isolation continues, is how crucial it is to take the time to identify a way to incorporate thoughtful HUMAN touches into the meeting as well.

I heard a great saying earlier that rings so true, “It’s not SOCIAL distancing it is PHYSICAL distancing” we are experiencing. People are craving human interaction now more than ever, and this gives planners the opportunity to put extra time and thought into incorporating moments of delight into all aspects of producing a virtual meeting.

How do you Facilitate an Online Meeting?

There are many ways to accomplish this – but just like any live event, you need to ensure what you’re incorporating makes sense for your audience, and in turn, provides a measurable ROI to the event. 

Meeting professionals around the globe are having to pivot quickly to educate themselves on how to shift their in-face conferences to host online meetings.

The first focus of planning your next virtual meeting should be to determine the best virtual platform to use based on their audience. Then you can create an meeting agenda and lay out all the tedious, yet important logistics that will need to be thought out to build a strong meeting foundation.     

Here are the important, yet sometimes forgotten components to consider when you begin considering a virtual meeting environment:

Consider Your Digital Event Demographic:

Start by considering and defining the demographic and psychographic of those that will be participating and attending online.

By asking this question, you are able to quickly narrow down the most suitable options that make the most sense for your event. While it may be cutting edge to offer a virtual reality teambuilding experience, it will quickly fall flat if your guests don’t understand or aren’t comfortable with the technology behind it.

Considering the comfort level of the audience you’re aiming to serve, will determine what style of digital event will be a success, and avoid falling flat.

What Content Will Drive Engagement with an Online Audience:

Our attention span is even shorter today, where we are limited to our home environments and interacting with others through a screen.

Driving online engagement is curated by providing multiple personalities in your virtual event. This includes professional level hosts, emcees, and experts in the field of the topic will keep your guests engaged.

Adding in fun competitions, polls, and live music elements to interactive sessions will also drive that extra layer of excitement and engagement, regardless of the activity you decide upon.

Virtual Meetings Need to Remain Thoughtful and Authentic, Or Digital Audiences Will Not Engage:

The key to making this experience thoughtful and authentic is to dig in even deeper when you are choosing the host that will be leading your activity. Ensure they are comfortable with a digital setting and that they themselves are thoughtful, authentic and personable.

If your budget allows, add an extra step by sending a personal box of items that will be used for the activity itself.

For example, if you wanted to host a cooking lesson, why not send all of the ingredients required for the demonstration to one of the attendees with a personal note on their doorstep?

This adds the human touch and interaction that also drives excitement leading up to the activity they’ll be participating in.

Digital meetings are transforming corporate events & meeting landscape globally. How to engage with online audience & increase virtual event participation.

A Successful Virtual Meeting or Digital Event Requires 3 Components:

By considering each of the points above, Imprint Group was able to curate an engaging and exciting live cooking demo for 100 attendees who participated online.

Our hosts, Lauren and Cory Harwell, are members of the Imprint family, and both professionals in our industry. With Lauren’s unique and inviting personality, paired with Chef Cory Harwell’s talent in the kitchen and years of experience to teach our audience, we created a virtual cooking activity, where Lauren and Cory as a pair made for wonderful and engaging hosts for the topic.

We also had our team across multiple destinations put together “Boxes of Yum” with all of the ingredients to be used in our cooking demonstration.

After adding their own personalized touches, these boxes with ingredients were delivered to multiple attendees who were planning on joining the live event.

This extra step, drove audience excitement and their participation because everything they needed was ready. That, paired with a personalized cooking playlist Chef Cory Harwell loves to play in his kitchen, allowed for the guests to have personalized, human interactions and experiences, all within a virtual setting.

Need assistance facilitating your next virtual meeting or brainstorming a digital event to engage an audience? Contact Imprint Group.

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Event Industry & Facing it Together

Coming Through for the Cast and Crew

We are seeing a heartbreaking need in our event and entertainment community during this time. In turn, we have had a growing response from individuals asking how they can help. Given the restrictions of sweeping stay-at-home orders, our team is organizing a gift card drive to distribute to industry staff, casts, crews and those in the field whose livelihood have been suspended. 

If you are willing and able to help during this time,


P.O. BOX #489
AURORA, CO 80040


We will continue to get these donations into the hands of those who are humbly raising theirs. To that end, if you know of anyone in the event and entertainment community hit hard, please share this information.

With love & support,

the Imprint team

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Virtual Meetings + Events: Best Practices for Conducting a Virtual Meeting

Digital Meetings 101 for Hosting a Successful Virtual meeting or digital event

In today’s changing landscape, the need to continue business and hold digital meetings is paramount. Read more from Imprint VP of Accounts, Franny Starkey, based on our recent video conference “Digital Meetings 101”.



Develop a Business Strategy for Hosting a Digital Meeting & Improving Virtual Meetings

If you’re looking to hold a virtual meeting or want to improve corporate meetings now taking place online, there are a variety of things to consider as you start to strategize how to accomplish this.

While the technological portion of your meeting is critical, how you structure your online meetings will be vital to the overall success of your digital event.

Here are Suggestions to Help you Facilitate a Successful Online Meeting:

No attendee wants to sit in front of their computer for hours listening to a series of speakers go on and on.  Your meeting agenda must force movement, have the ability for attendees to interact dynamically, and provide content that’s energetic through a dynamic presentation.

Your online content has to have a strong focus. There’s no timeframe you *have* to fill in digital-to-digital conference – however, what you’re offering, and subsequently asking your attendees to spend their time watching, must be critical content that must be shared and shared now.

Bottom Line. Do not waste time, yours and your attendees, with filler content.

A digital meeting gives you more flexibility as you plan, and the online agenda should reflect this. You’re not confined to a certain room on a particular set of days in a set number of hours. As such, one advantage of virtual meetings is your virtual agenda can extend beyond your typical meeting schedule and live online for a set time period so invited guests can interact with the material at their leisure – whether later that day or in one week.

As you Plan Your Virtual Agenda, Here are Key Questions to Consider:

  • What content and information is critical to provide as part of this meeting?
  • What content needs to be shared live?
  • What content requires interaction with attendees (feedback, suggestions, questions, etc.)?
  • How many subtopics (or breakout sessions) are pertinent?
  • Do you want multiple content options simultaneously or would you rather offer a multiple single content experience?
  • Of those subtopics, which require, or would benefit from, attendee interaction?
  • For those subtopics that don’t require live interaction, can that content be prerecorded and produced in advance?
  • How many total attendees are you hoping will tune in?
  • How many attendees do you hope will participate in subtopic sessions or recordings?
  • Do you have the advance time needed to create worthwhile content?
  • Do you have the right partners to help create the content?

Key Suggestions for Optimizing Your Digital Meeting

  • Offer (1-2) daily live “general sessions” where all attendees can join that last NO MORE than 90 minutes – 45-60 minutes is ideal
    • General sessions, unless it’s a set keynote, should include a multitude of speakers.
    • If budget allows, the “set” for the live session should be dynamic and include a multitude of looks to keep the attendee interested and engaged whether that’s through technology (green screen, LED backdrop, multi-stage and camera set up.)
    • Think about how you can plan for dynamic interaction and engage guests.
    • Speakers must be engaging and energetic. They should be coached and presentations should be rehearsed.
    • Communicate “rules of the road” in advance for these massive online gatherings so attendees know what to expect and how to engage.  For instance: attendees are all muted, questions are submitted through a hashtag (or chosen platform), comments are submitted through chat or in a post-meeting survey, etc. 
  • Use Live Breakout Sessions to Interact with Attendees
    • Use live sessions, held in proximity to the general session (but not directly following), to give guests an opportunity to engage through polling, Q&A and conversation.
    • These sessions should have individual agendas, shared in advance, that outline how attendees can interact and when.
    • Limit the number of attendees to these sessions so interaction is meaningful and controlled.  If interest exceeds capacity, host the same session multiple times – again, the benefit of a virtual meeting is giving flexibility with the schedule and providing options for your attendees.
    • Record and post to live on following the live session.
  • Provide Prerecorded and Produced Breakout Content
    • Content that’s useful but not as exciting should be prerecorded and produced so its available but can be observed when the attendee has time or interest.
    • Prerecording and producing also allows you to spice up the content through graphics, animations and b-roll. 
    • Prerecording is a great option for speakers who aren’t great in front of a live crowd or for panels where you’re struggling to get the right speakers on the set day and time.
  • Don’t Forget to Entertain When Hosting a Virtual Meeting
    • In a live meeting, there are moments throughout the experience meant to surprise and delight your attendees, that sentiment can’t be lost when your program goes virtual, in fact, those moments are all the more important.
    • As guests are logging on and joining the meeting, what music or video is playing?
    • As speakers switch or breakouts start or conclude, what do guests hear or see?
    • How can the users’ device (computer or phone) come alive as part of the experience?
  • Help Facilitate Networking During Remote Meetings
    • Similar to live breakout sessions, can you create virtual happy hours grouped by interest, professional role or region?
    • Can sponsors or executives host “booth hours” or a period of time they’re available for virtual chats and pop-ins.

Virtual Meeting: Sample Conference Agenda Template

Need assistance in facilitating an online meeting or building a dynamic virtual meeting for conference attendees? Contact Imprint Group to do the heavy lifting!

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Details from the Off Script Series Event Industry Town Hall

Thank you for tuning in to our Off Script video conference series! View our latest recordings and presentations below, and tune in twice a week as we continue to connect our community in navigating the current condition of our events industry.

*To download the presentation and notes and to view videos, use password Town Hall

05.28.2020 – Event Industry Town Hall: Q&A with the Imprint Team
Watch the recording
05.26.2020 – Event Industry Town Hall: Event Venues Respond
Watch the recording
05.21.2020 – Virtual Events & Meetings: Digital Meetings 201
Download the presentation
Watch the recording
05.19.2020 – Event Industry Town Hall: Restauranteurs Respond
Watch the recording
05.14.2020 – Virtual Events & Meetings: Post Pandemic Planning
To request the presentation, contact our team.
Watch the recording
05.12.2020Event Industry Town Hall: Entertainment in a Virtual World
Download the presentation
Watch the recording
05.06.2020Unemployment Q&A
Download the presentation
Watch the recording
05.05.2020Event Industry Town Hall: Social Planner Panel
Watch the recording
04.30.2020 – Virtual Events & Meetings: Taking your Fundraiser Online
Download the presentation
04.28.2020Event Industry Town Hall: Corporate & Incentive Planners
Download the presentation
Watch the recording
04.21.2020 – Event Industry Town Hall: Hoteliers
Download the presentation
Watch the recording
04.09.2020 – Virtual Events & Meetings: Connect, Let’s Get Real
Download the presentation
Watch the recording
04.07.2020 – Event Industry Town Hall: Industry Effects
Download the presentation
Watch the recording
04.02.2020 – Virtual Events & Meetings: Digital Meetings 101
Download the presentation
03.30.2020 – Virtual Events & Meetings: Leading with Ambiguity
Download the presentation
Watch the recording
03.24.2020 – Event Industry Town Hall: Connecting our Industry
Download the presentation
Watch the recording

*Latest resources added 05/27/20

State ResourcesWorldwide Resources
DenverColorado Department of Health ServicesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
OrlandoFlorida Department of HealthWorld Health Organization
Las VegasNevada Department of Health
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment *

Individual and Company Resources:

Industry Resources Company Resources Individual Artist Help State Unemployment
Events Industry Council Families First Act  Musicians Colorado
US Travel Association Shared Work Links Denver Artists Fund Florida
NorthStar Meetings Group RiNo Micro Grants Billboard’s State-by-State Resource Guide *Nevada
PCMA Guidance
Comparing Relief Package Requests
State-by-State Jobs Impact
Paycheck Protection Program Info
PPP Borrower Application Form
Find Eligible PPP Lenders

Unemployment Resources:

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
Pandemic Scenarios and Benefits Available

Small Businesses:

National Federation of Independent Business
RESCUE Businesses Act of 2020 – NSBA Link
SBA Resource Link
Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application

Take Action:

Event Industry Aid Petition
Global Meetings Industry Day

Webinars & Reading Materials:

Measure What Matters – John Doerr: Read
Trillion Dollar Coach – Jonathan Rosenberg: Read
Financial Support for Gig Workers & Small Businesses: Watch
Small Business Development Center Resources: Watch
National Small Business Town Halls – Inc. Magazine: Watch

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Las Vegas Venue, Beer Park, Expands 10,000 Square-Feet

The Las Vegas Strip today is all about an immediate stop for food, drinks, and fun for those visiting the City of Lights. Not to mention, a great spot to send guests for an evening in Vegas, no matter the occasion.

With its new 10,000-square-foot expansion, Beer Park is no exception.

What was previously a casual outdoor venue has now been doubled in size, with the addition of a fully enclosed restaurant expansion.

destination management companies las vegas

Your Las Vegas Destination Management Company Gives you the Insider Details

The new-and-improved venue has a plethora of seating arrangements inside and out to allow for all types of gatherings, from picnic tables to a turf lawn that encompasses a nostalgic array of lawn games (think giant connect four, giant Jenga, skee-ball, and more), plus over a dozen TVs.

destination management companies las vegas

Garage doors then open up to a 9,000 square-foot deck, which previously made up Beer Park’s space.

Last month, General Manager Jason Ellefson referred to the new space as a “playground for grownups”, and with the your Destination Management Company in Las Vegas – Imprint Las Vegas, formerly AWG Las Vegas, you’re getting a special sneak peek before the grand opening, we can surely attest.

Imprint Group (formerly AWG Las Vegas) is a full-service Event Production and Las Vegas Destination Management Company specializing in Corporate Events, Event Planning, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management Services, Creative Branding, Event Production and more in Denver, Florida & Las Vegas.

To book your next event with Imprint, or to see the new venue for yourself, contact your premier Las Vegas Event Planning Company today!

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Imprint Events Group Conquers Colfax Marathon

There’s Nothing Like a Little In-House Team Building to Build Camaraderie

This month, for the fourth consecutive year, Imprint Events Group came together to run the annual Colfax Marathon Relay.

Led by National Director of Operations and Executive Producer Joseph Bearss, this marks another year of bringing the Imprint team together in an effort to build a unique camaraderie between our employees and re-focus our health and wellness efforts in a demanding industry. But it’s also a time that our team gets to continue to raise awareness for Girls on the Run.

Joseph Bearss has been an advocate for Girls on the Run of the Rockies since 2014, merging his love for running with a cause that is inspiring and creates a positive experience for our future community leaders. Girls on the Run is a national organization that uses the power of running to help change the way girls see themselves and the opportunities the world presents to them.

“When the opportunity came to run the Colfax Marathon Corporate Relay, I presented Girls on the Run as Imprint’s charity of choice, and our leadership team backed us immediately. It’s amazing to work for a company that is so supportive and understands the power of philanthropy and giving back to the community.” Dating back to 2014, Bearss has raised over $5,000 for Girls on the Run of the Rockies.

Completing the Imprint Relay Team was Co. Captain and Sales Manager Megan Holland, Sr. Account Coordinator Emily Bonneau, Sr. Operations Manager Valeri Mallo, and the newest member to the Imprint team, Operations Manager Morgan Boyles.

“I can’t tell you how much I love working for a company that works hard and plays even harder. The positive work culture at Imprint Group fosters an environment that drives wellness, teamwork and success. I could not be happier to be a part of this team!” said Boyles.

To follow Imprint’s continued efforts to work towards an emphasis on team camaraderie, community development and the Imprint culture, follow us on our social platforms. @ImprintGroupDMC



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What’s New in Orlando: Disney’s Epcot Set to Debut Brand new Firework Spectacular

The Walt Disney Company is constantly changing and evolving to excite its guests. In an effort to do just that, Epcot is set to debut their newest fireworks spectacular, Epcot Forever, this October 1st, 2019.

The park is expected to be packed with excited guests craving to be one of the first to ever see the brand new show. Following the release of the news, TravelPulse quoted Alan Bruun, Show Director for Disney Event Group, “Epcot Forever is a celebration of what Epcot has been and what Epcot is going to become. Music is the star of the show, and we use songs going back to the very beginnings of Epcot to music in the park today – from attractions, spectaculars and other shows – and put them into a fireworks spectacular on the lagoon every night. Guests are going to hear music they know and love but in a whole new way.”

As with anything, guests will surely be sad to see the current show, Illuminations, take its exit after a strong 20-year run, but with the Disney magic putting its best foot forward with Epcot Forever, it is sure to be another awe-inspiring, unforgettable experience for Disney’s 52 million annual guests.

Looking to get more out of your Disney experience? Plan an incentive trip now for your company and let Imprint help you with group tickets, an opportunity to be one of the first to see Epcot Forever, and a plethora of exciting tours that you can only experience right here in Orlando.

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Products We’re Loving to Share with Clients

This Valentines Day, we turned to our Creative Solutions team to let us in on the products they’re loving to pitch this time of year. Here’s a closer look at the bands, activations and venues that our sales team is loving this month:

SoundUP! Band | Carolyn Durrant | Creative Solutions Manager

“Not only are they the hottest band right now, but they are a great fit for out clients. Not to mention, I even had them at my own wedding and still have my guests raving about them months later! Them, along with all of our clients who book SOUNDUP! for their events”

Entertainment Band for Corporate Events Entertainment and Special Events Live Band

What do you get when you mix power house vocals with “DAX” one of the hottest DJ/Rapper’s in Orlando?  SOUND UP!  This high energy 8piece band brings the excitement to your event.

Get ready to have the best of contemporary music with their own DJ mash up twist! Watch them in action here.

The Shades | Lauren Hines | Business Development Manager

“The Shades are what I love to pitch the most at the moment. They are mysterious, intriguing, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen at an event. They don’t make a single noise, yet they are a conversation starter. Perfect for networking receptions, and for creating wonderful, lasting branding opportunities for corporate events.”

Entertainment Band for Corporate Events Entertainment and Special Events Live Band

Using nothing more than a typewriter and charming wit – The Shades are an anonymous duo who provide an “accurate assessment” of your appearance. They do not have the ability to speak… but they are always watching and observing. Guests will be curious as to what they are doing – once the word spreads, everyone will want to meet The Shades and bring home their custom note they write for each guest!

Mustachery Booth | Shannon Rodriguez | National Director of Business Development 

“I love pitching our mustachery booth! Our team can dos much with this interactive product. A lipstick bar or jewelry bar where ladies can find just the right shade of lipstick or costume jewlry for the occasion and of course a “Mustachery” that includes a guest matched personality test to find just the right mustache. Fun twist, make it a Kissing Booth!”

Entertainment Band for Corporate Events Entertainment and Special Events Live Band

Inspired by the mustache barbershop in the film, a “Moustachery”, this activation includes an interactive quiz that matches guests personalities with mustache styles. So-called “barbers,” actually brand ambassadors, hand a custom card to guests that explain the mustache that best fit their character. We love adding costumes, jewelry and a lipstick bar for more activations and photo-ops!

Community Art Wall | Heather VanBenschoten | Director of Accounts, Destination Services

“I love pitching out Community Art Walls, because of their creativity and inclusivity from an activation standpoint. Guests paint, spray and draw throughout the event’s entirety, creating a unique mural. The mural then results in a beautiful piece of art that can be displayed in company offices – there’s no limit to the colors and themes that can be created throughout the event!”

Corporate Team Building and team building activities for adults

Our Community Art Wall is a wonderful interactive product, where an artist lays out a canvas for guests to build and paint upon throughout the event. At the end of the event, he dries it, cuts it into a shape or frame and outlines it with a pop to bring it to life. Our Community Art Walls are wonderful for interactive projects that result in a take home, branded moment, or piece of art to display in your company offices!

Valentines Day Decor | Dawn Harker | Partner, CO Resorts

“I love this decor for Valentine’s Day because it features rose quartz and Amethyst, which are associated with love. This event in particular took place at Allies Cabin on Beaver Creek Mountain where you arrive by sleigh. The fireworks take place every Thursday night, where they host a winemakers dinner. Thursday’s are the only night open to the public – it is a private club and is only available to club members or group buyouts!”

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There’s truly nothing more fun to pitch for Valentines Day than a look to match! We recently pitched this theme at the beautiful Allie’s Cabin in Beaver Creek Mountain, featuring a gorgeous rose quartz and Amethyst, both associated with love. There’s no better time to watch this theme come to life and bring a touch of magic to the room!

The Mob Museum | Marcie Lapehn | Associate Director, Las Vegas

“I love selling the Mob Museum because it can be utilized in so many different ways for an event! We can sell this as a stop on a group tour, a full afternoon excursion, or a private event space. The event space is beautiful and historic and the information in the museum not only pulls you in but it shows you the history of Las Vegas and from our nation in that era. After being transported through time, guests can head downstairs to their brand new Distillery called The Underground. They brew their own beer and distill moonshine. There’s even a hidden room for VIPs in The Underground and a speakeasy entrance for your guests!”

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The Mob Museum can be utilized for many different types of events, which is why we love to pitch it and use it in a multitude of ways! It is a great space for group tours, full afternoon excursions, or private events. Take a walk through history and be transported through time as guests experience a bold and authentic view of organized crime from vintage Las Vegas and beyond.

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