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Special Event Idea: Celebrity Wine Tasting

Did you know that Angelia Jolie, Andrea Bocelli, Fergie, Dave Matthews, Wayne Gretzky, Drew Barrymore and Sting all own wineries? And that’s only naming a few!

Take your penchant for judging celebrities to the next level and drink all at the same time! By creating a unique space you can turn your next reception or party into a tasting lounge featuring your favorite celebrity wine makers.

The trend of celebrities owning wineries and vineyards is not a recent phenomenon, though it has certainly garnered more attention in today’s information age. In ancient Greek and Roman times, the leading philosophers, playwrights, politicians and generals of the day often owned a vineyard for personal use. There are many reasons why celebrities gravitate to the world of wine.

Usually celebrities have a large amount of wealth accumulated which makes the significant investment of opening a winery or vineyard negligible. It’s fun to peek into the life of a celebrity and even more fun to try and figure out who made what!

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Imprint Group Wants to Take Your Corporate Group “Flamping” in Florida

You’ve probably heard of “glamping” before, but we are loving the Florida take on glamourous camping with “Flamping!”

Replace the traditional rustic motif of “glamping” with the tropical, modern look of Miami or Palm Beach with teal and pink accents, flamingos and more. Add some large-sized games and you have an experience your guests won’t soon forget!

A perfect venue for “Flamping” is District 3. Built in 1921, the former warehouse is a 22,000-square-foot blank canvas. Designers retained the historic brick, high ceilings and polished concrete floors, melding raw glamour with styles ranging from art nouveau to industrial. Ready to capture the ambiance and artistry of your vision, District 3 has a menu of customizable room configurations to meet any event need.

Whether you’re in Tampa, Orlando or other parts of Florida, this is a fun, unique event we guarantee all your guests will love!

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Lean on your Destination Management Experts for New Ideas!

A larger percentage of venues in Florida are on the water, which is why its such an attractive destination for event planners across the country. How do you make your event different, though? Surprise your guests after dinner with dessert afloat! Your Dessert Boat will dock outside your venue and serve your favorite summertime treat! Imagine the ice cream truck of your childhood, but on water! Better yet? The boat can be branded to suit your company or match your event as well!

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Planning an Event in Florida? Flash Card Poet is the Perfect Interactive Entertainment

Want to send a unique invite for an upcoming event, have a creative way to open your general session or attract new customers to your tradeshow booth? Try our custom Imprint Group Flash Card Poet. Target words are printed on large flash cards and our Poet creates a rhythm around your messaging and key points, but in coffee shop style poetry. He is accompanied by a beat boxer to give it that extra hip hop style! This can be rehearsed or on the fly!

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Delivering Unique Interactive Entertainment Options for Special Events

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Club Hush.

The newest craze with the biggest buzz is actually the quietest area of your party because it’s a silent party! “Club Hush” involves arming party goers with their own set of wireless two-channel headphones, switching off the sound-system and having a professional and talented DJ spin two completely different sets for guests to dance to.

One DJ. Two styles of music. Both at the same time. So how does it work?

  • We hand out our unique two-channel ‘hush-muffs’ to each party person on arrival
  • Our DJ rocks the show mashing up two channels of tunes
  • The crowd select their channel of choice on the headphones and gets busy on the dance floor

Club Hush is a unique, surreal and hugely enjoyable experience that’s been rocking the event circuit for the past four years in Europe and has now made its way to the States! From London to Lisbon and Moscow to Montreal the reaction to the silent sensation has been immense as party people embrace this most talked about and freshest of musical experiences.


Molecular Mixology is a special practice of mixing drinks using the analysis and techniques found in science to understand and experiment with cocktail ingredients on the molecular level. Inspired by the practice of molecular gastronomy this practice manipulate states of matter to create new flavors, feels, textures and visuals that enhance the drink and make the drinker’s experience more interesting. Popular techniques of molecular mixology include the use of foams, liquid nitrogen, gels, mists, heat, solidifying liquids, etc.

Casino Night.

Enjoy a stroll through the “gaming parlor” where your guests macasinoy place their risky bets on a throw of the dice or wager their chips on a fall of the cards. Your guests are high rollers as they enjoy this interactive casino complete with the most popular casino tables including Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and of course the popular Texas Hold’em tables for hours of entertainment. A customized Casino Gaming Guide is printed with a Company Logo, Special Message or Picture.

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