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48 Hours in Colorado Springs with Imprint Group


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Colorado Springs was built on the vision that a region and its community can be a destination equally worthy of development and preservation. Historic Colorado Springs sits at the foot of its towering Pikes Peak, and is a place of recreation, opportunity and exceptional beauty. Simply enjoying the natural wonders of the area would suffice for your time spent here, which will only amplify your next breathtaking 48 hours!

Day 1

9:00AM – Arrive in Colorado Springs & Head to Cheyanne Mountain Resort

Equal parts world-class meeting facility and four-diamond resort, the multifaceted Cheyenne Mountain Resort (CMR) is a place where the possibilities are as endless as the views. For meetings, spectacular indoor and outdoor venues create the backdrop for imaginative events, allowing attendees to enjoy the beautiful setting while remaining productive and inspired.

10:30AM – Garden of the Gods Segway Tour

Garden of the Gods is the Colorado Springs postcard – a registered National Natural Landmark featuring stunning, 300-foot sandstone rock formations. On this guided Segway tour, you’ll cruise through unobscured views of the towering formations, ensuring your visit is nothing but memorable! Your guide will speak to the history of Colorado Springs and can answer any questions you have about the landmark. You can expect to see exotic plants and wildlife, eagle’s nests, red tail hawks, big horn sheep, and you may even see the figures of bold climbers scaling up the rocks.

12:30PM – Manitou Springs

Just 10 minutes from Garden of the Gods is the enchanting Manitou Springs. For lunch, we recommend the Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant. The restaurant was originally built as the Park Place hotel, offering a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Your 4-course meal will include a variety of cheese fondues, breads, fresh vegetables, a selection of fine meats, and a mouth-watering assortment of chocolate fondues. After lunch, enjoy a few hours of shopping at your leisure! Besides being home to several world-class, nationally famous historic restaurants and many charming eateries, Manitou Springs has wonderful artisan shops and galleries.

2:30PM – Freshen up at CMR

Relax and freshen up back on site at CMR. Take some time to yourself to enjoy their exquisite combination of casual comfort and warm elegance or take advantage of some of their on-site accommodations: The Alluvia Spa, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, or enjoy some time by the lake.

5:00PM – Dine Around

The Rabbit Hole

Head down the Rabit Hole and indulge in their wonderfully magic, ever-changing menu of seasonally inspired small plates. They thrive off of their passion for different foods, and use that passion to incorporate a rotating, internationally eclectic menu.

MacKenzie’s Chophouse

Locally owned MacKenzie’s Chop House is home to the Spring’s finest steaks, fresh seafood, martinis and wine. A comfortable mix of causality and elegance, MacKenzie’s has been recognized as Colorado Spring’s premier dining destination since 1997.

Peppertree Restaurant

Recently listed in Open Table’s “100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America,” Peppertree provides a more inclusive and interactive dining experience, where many dishes, including some of their most popular steaks, are served right at your table.

10:00PM – Night Cap at the Golden Bee

Cap out the night at the most “authentic gastropub in Colorado Springs”, the Golden Bee. The Golden Bee will make you feel as though you have been transported right to a cozy, British Pub in the heart of England. The Golden Bee was transferred to the Broadmoor Hotel directly from the UK and didn’t miss a beat in between. 

Day 2

9:00AM – CMR Breakfast

Start the morning with an extensive, complimentary breakfast buffet in CMR’s Mountain View Restaurant with gorgeous elevated ceilings, a relaxing ambiance, and an outdoor terrace kept company by the surrounding mountains. The culinary team provides a variety of daily fresh selections and professionally prepared meals for guests each day.

10:30AM – Guest’s Choice!

White Water Rafting

White water rafting adventures in the stunning Colorado Springs create memories that last a lifetime. Rafters along the Arkansas River often catch a glimpse of deer, elk or bighorn sheep along the banks as they experience world-class whitewater. There will be options provided from beginners to advanced participants, so you can choose your own adventure!


Soar high above the foothills of historic Manitou Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak! Indulge in excitement and spectacular vistas while ziplining over a stunning alpine canyon. This natural-terrain course features five ziplines varying from 225-650 feet.

4X4 Jeep Adventure

Enjoy the fresh mountain air while experiencing a jeep tour like no other! From a gentle city and foothills tour to the top of Pikes Peak and beyond on backroads and 4×4 trails, we can customize your jeep trip to make sure your experience is just what you anticipated.

**Lunch included in each activity.

3:00PM – CMR Happy Hour

Once everyone is congregated back at the resort, enjoy Happy Hour at Elevations, CMR’s rustic bar infused with local flavors. Guests can take advantage of the bar’s indoor amenities or take their crafts and cocktails to the gorgeous outside terrace.

6:00PM Dinner – Restaurant 1858

Take part in a unique dining experience at the famous Seven Falls Waterfall, Restaurant 1858. Restaurant 1858 sits at the banks of Seven Falls waterfall, and offers authentic Colorado cuisine, surrounded by “Gold Rush” art and photographs dating back to the 1800’s. In addition to their main dining room, Restaurant 1858 additionally offers a patio to dine al fresco near the surrounding falls.

8:30PM – Campfire Night Cap

 Wrap up your mountain weekend with camp fire s’mores, fresh brewed coffee, and night caps on site at CMR, and take in the Rocky Mountain views one last time from the best spot around!

Day 3

8:00AM – One Last Sight to See!

After one last breakfast at CMR and before your flight out, choose between two of Colorado Spring’s most famous tours:

Air Force Academy:

The Barry Goldwater Air Force Academy Visitor Center serves as the gateway to the United States Air Force Academy for hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The center provides information on Academy history, cadet life and campus attractions. You can walk to the iconic Cadet Chapel, observe the cadet wing march to lunch, visit the Honor Court and Field House, and more.

Olympic Training Center:

The U.S. Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs is the flagship training center for the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Olympic Training Center programs. More than 15 other member organizations, as well as two international sports federations and the USOC headquarters are also located here. You will enjoy tours of the complex, where athletes are often seen in training and competition.

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Product Spotlight: Strolling LED Table

The Strolling LED Table is one of Imprint’s new interactive products, with popularity stemming from its versatility and flexibility with themes, presentation and more! Surprise your guests with a variety of hors d’oeuvres, desserts or small bites off of our LED table with a costumed character for strolling entertainment. Station her by the buffet or have her move throughout your crowd for added interaction!

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Las Vegas Uncovered: The Best Hotels Off the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas in known worldwide for the amazing hotels and casinos located on Las Vegas Blvd, aka “The Strip”. However, there are several off-the-Strip hotels that still exude an on-the-Strip atmosphere, offering a unique view of Las Vegas and a breath away from all of the glitz and glamour.

The Artisan is located a block off the Las Vegas Strip but offers a classic Vegas vibe reminiscent of a 1920’s speakeasy. A boutique hotel with no gaming and only 64 rooms, The Artisan stands out among the hotel’s ability to accommodate thousands of guest rooms. The Artisan has not changed much from its original opening date in 1979, which adds to the historic old Vegas charm.

Lake Las Vegas is a development created a few minutes west of the Las Vegas strip and offers an escape from the desert heat while providing all the beauty, serenity and activities Lake Mead has to offer. The Westin and Hilton hotels are nestled in the mountain hills surrounded by water and an untouched desert atmosphere full of wildlife.

The Red Rock Hotel and Casino is a remarkable upscale property that could rival many options on the Strip, though located within the high-end Summerlin community of west Las Vegas next to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The resort offers some of the best views in Las Vegas with the lights of the Strip to the east, and Red Rock Canyon to the west. From the seasoned convention traveler attending a tradeshow onsite, to families looking for a destination with child friendly activities, Red Rock Hotel & Casino has something to offer everyone.

By Chris Weathers, Sr. Creative Solutions Manager | The Linchpin

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DMC Network Insider Secrets: 48 Hours in Denver with Imprint Group DMC

Destination Colorado: Event Planning Paradise in Denver

Imprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC Colorado) proving Event Management for Denver Corporate Events, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management Services (DMC Denver), Creative Branding, Event Production.


Welcome to the Mile High City! Denver has become one of the most progressive cities in the United States, surpassing 31 million total visitors for the second year in a row, and generating record leisure tourism numbers for the 12th consecutive year. It’s the perfect city to host your next meeting, convention, incentive group or special event.

This past May, Denver was home to the US Travel Association’s IPW, the travel industry’s premier international marketplace and largest generator of travel to the US. In part to such, Denver has truly caught the eye of meeting and convention planners.

In Denver, there’s a little something for every age group and interest, and Imprint Group is your event planning partner in Colorado to exceed all special event expectations.

Read the full article on the DMC Network website here.

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DMC Network Insider Secrets: 48 Hours in Las Vegas with Imprint Group DMC

Las Vegas Destination Management Company, Las Vegas Event Planning Company, Las Vegas Corporate Entertainment

Welcome to the entertainment capital of the world! Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city, global leader in the hospitality industry, sin city. Gambling, shopping, fine dining, dancing, entertainment, nightlife, sleeping… well maybe not too much of that!  Las Vegas is one of the most visited destinations in the United States, and you can expect your next 48 hours to be nothing but outstanding in this energetic desert city. Imprint Group is your Las Vegas destination management partner, knowing the special events industry and city inside and out. 

Here’s to letting the neon lights guide your way…

Read the full article on the DMC Network website here.


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Imprint Top 5: Interactive Food Trends

Are you seeking amazing and fun interactive food ideas to incorporate at your next special event or high end corporate function? We’re sharing our expert tips and latest innovative event ideas to make your next special event WOW guests. 


One of my specific job descriptions at Imprint is to “develop and maintain knowledge of market trends” so that our clients are always seeing the latest and greatest ideas and our proposals always feel fresh. I like to think of myself as “on trend” (picture my coworkers laughing hysterically as they read that), so I love this job requirement.

At any event I attend I’m constantly observing, maybe judging, what’s been planned and how well its been executed and drawing inspiration for our Imprint clients. Weddings are actually one of my favorite places to draw inspiration – typically they’re planned with such thought and care or they’ve found creative solutions to serious budget considerations that always impress me and fill me with ideas.

Interactive food and beverage has become a major social event trend that’s quickly taking hold in the corporate special events industry as well.


5 Interactive Food Trends to Try at Your Next Special Event:


The Champagne Hedge Wall

At a mountain wedding I recently attended, there was a beautifully installed champagne hedge wall, which sparked one of Imprint’s newest products! The 8 X 12-foot hedge wall is designed with hole cut outs so that servers can offer guests a glass of champagne, a custom cocktail, or even an hors d’oeuvre through the opening. Adding a bell to its center allows for a fun distraction that grabs the attention of other attendees, steers them towards the fun interactive product, and puts a drink in the hands of all party-goers! What we love the most about this product is that it can be branded and customized for any event and occasion!

Special Event Food Trends for Corporate Events, Destination Events, Special Event Trends and Corporate EventsSpecial Event Food Trends for Corporate Events, Destination Events, Special Event Trends and Corporate Events

The Edible Photobooth/Selfee Cookies

This is easily one of my favorite new interactive food trends. Want to take a selfie? Bring in the Edible Photobooth! This Photobooth takes your photo and prints it onto a cookie right in front of your eyes! Need to preorder in bulk with logos and branding? Not a problem. Cookies can be created ahead of time to have them displayed at your event!

Special Event Food Trends for Corporate Events, Destination Events, Special Event Trends and Corporate Events

Chaos & Cream: Thai-inspired rolled ice cream

With summer right around the corner what could be more perfect than a new take on ice cream?! This thai-style rolled ice cream is a hit at any event, and a food trend that is spreading like fire. You can watch as ice cream artists roll your frozen treat into a perfect piece of dessert artwork!

    Imprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special EventsImprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special EventsSpecial Event Food Trends for Corporate Events, Destination Events, Special Event Trends and Corporate Events

Branded M&M Wall

M&MS. They are a classic chocolate treat, but we’ve added a twist: The M&M branded wall. This product has multiple panels for branding and features 18 individual dispensers. Our clients in the past have featured branded M&Ms in each dispenser, but the sky is the limit! Anything you can get in the bulk section at the grocery store, we can add into our dispensers. A great option for “make your own granola bars” or to feature an array of different candies!

Imprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management ServicesImprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management Services, Creative Branding, Event Production and more in Denver, Florida & Las Vegas.Imprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management Services

Drone Cocktails

I wouldn’t be doing this blog post justice if I didn’t include an over-the-top cocktail option. The days of hand shaken drinks are over. Now, you can leave it to a drone to shake up your drink…and your experience! Brooklyn Creator Michael Cirino had the game-changing idea to use drone technology to shake your cocktail, calling it “the perfectly unnecessary way to serve a drink.” It may be unnecessary, but we think it’s insanely, and necessarily, awesome.

Imprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management Services, Creative Branding, Event Production and more in Denver, Florida & Las Vegas.

Click here to see how it works!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to add a little food (and drink) excitement to your next event. Give Imprint a call today to find out how to bring these interactive food features to life!


By Emily Bonneau, Creative Solutions Coordinator | The Spark

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What’s New With Imprint?

DMC Colorado, Denver corporate events, Corporate Event Planning Companies Denver, Corporate Events Denver,  destination management companies denver

Imprint Group: Your Preferred Event Planning Partner is Growing!

We are thrilled to welcome Valeri Mallo as she joins the Imprint team this month as our new Operations Manager in the Denver Office. Valeri is joining us after serving five years as an Event Producer for Global Gourmet Catering and Events in San Francisco, managing social and corporate accounts. In that time, she managed the operations of the company’s services at the Greek Theater (Berkeley). In addition to her professional experience in the industry, Valeri was a professional dancer in New York City for years. We are thrilled about her addition to our special events team and all that she will bring.

We are so proud of Stacey Engelmann, our Associate Director in our Orlando office, who received her CMP this month! This meeting professional certification recognizes global excellence in the meeting, convention, exhibition, and event industry, with qualifications based on professional experience, education, and a thorough exam. Congrats Stacey, thank you for your dedication to this industry!

With our recent growth and several exciting changes in recent months, Imprint Group has also restructured our own team and departments. Heather Van Benschoten, previously Senior Creative Solutions Manager, is our new Director of Accounts in Destination Services.

In addition, Adriane Hodder, former Director of Creative Solutions, will now serve as VP of Account Management, overseeing all offices.

Lastly, our General Manager, Franny Starkey, is now Imprint’s Chief Operating Officer. We are thrilled about these new changes within our own team, and proud of Adriane, Heather and Franny, who are so deserving of these new positions!

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A New Take on a Colorado Theme

Use Colorful Colorad as the Theme for Your Next Special Event!

It’s no surprise that groups coming to Colorado for meetings and events want to capitalize on what’s special about our state. We get a lot of requests for events that feature the mountains or harken back to our western heritage.  While we love those themes that are fun and familiar, making them our own and leaving our Imprint, is what we work do to everyday.

As Colorado’s premier Destination Management Company, we know the most innovative ways to take the tried and true Colorado event theme to new heights.

Just recently, we produced a fun, new take on the traditional “Colorado” theme.  If you’ve lived here long or visit regularly, you know the only thing consistent about the weather is that it’s CHANGING. So we provided a seasonal tour of Colorado for our client and their 3,500 attendees at Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos Football Club.

Utilizing both the East and West club levels, we turned each (and the north concourse) into a unique seasonal experience. We loved the transition from season to season and throughout the planning process kept thinking of more fun ways we could make the experience all the more exciting.

Start your event in “Fall” with a tailgating theme (go Broncos!). Consider laid-back tailgate style seating and decor, football themed games, cornhole, Broncos player appearances and a live Bluegrass-style band that makes you feel like you’re at Colorado’s Blues & Brews Fest. Or better yet, elevate the scenic décor and provide more seating with real pickup truck beds and give guests a true sense of tailgating before a fall sports game.

Denver DMC, DMC Colorado, Denver Corporate Events Denver, destination management companies denver

Transition to Winter with a light snow fall from season to season – we really did make it SNOW!  Include a pop-up ice rink, a snow cone station, a skiing simulator and our one-of-a-kind whiskey wheel with an attendant dressed for the winter. Transform the space further with market lighting and white, lighted transformits, snow machines, a snowglobe photobooth, an ice bar, simulated snowmobile racing and the perfect live and WOW entertainment – the Flying Aces, a trampoline show featuring Olympic athletes!

Denver DMC, DMC Colorado, Denver Corporate Events Denver, destination management companies denver

End the event amid a burst of color and music in Spring, followed by Summer. This is the perfect season for a Camper photo booth, flower walls, walking vines and farmer’s market inspired decor. Get people active with Virtual Reality kayaking or mountain biking; inflatable mountain climbing or dancing with Silent Disco.

Destination Management Company Colorado, event management colorado, Colorado Springs DMC, DMC Colorado Springs

When you think of Colorado seasons? We would love to incorporate your ideas into your next special event!

By Kayla Ferguson, Creative Solutions Coordinator | Destination Diplomat

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Imprint Group Named “Best DMC” In Colorado Meeting + Event’s Best of Awards


Colorado Springs DMC  DMC Colorado Springs DMC Denver  DMC Corporate Event Planning Companies Denver  Corporate Events Denver Colorado  Denver corporate events  Corporate Event Planning Denver


Imprint Group, formerly AXS, was honored to be named “Best DMC” at the 12th annual Colorado Meetings & Events Best of 2018 awards.

The Best of Awards is held annually by Colorado Meetings + Events magazine, celebrating more than 500 industry professionals from around the state.  These awards are designed to “honor the cream of the crop in the regional meetings and event industry.”  This year, the awards received more than 4,000 votes in 25 categories, where each winner was hand-picked by the magazine’s consumers.

Imprint was nominated and received its first award in 2009 for “Best Special Event Planning / Meeting Planning Company.”  Since its first nomination, Imprint has received awards in the following categories:

  • Best Entertainment Agency | 2010 – 2016
  • Best Destination Management Company (DMC) | 2009, 2012-2014, 2016-2018
  • Best Teambuilding Facility / Organizer | 2010
  • Colorado Meeting + Events Hall of Fame | Nicole Marsh, CMP DMCP | 2011
  • Best Special Event Planning / Meeting Planning Company | 2009, 2017

Imprint is proud to be named “the Best” this year among several other stand-out Colorado industry leaders – Kinsley Meetings, 5 Star Talent & Entertainment, Catering by Design, and much more.

Imprint Group is the leading planning partner in Destination Management Services (DMC), Special Events, Corporate Events, Teambuilding, Entertainment and Event Production in Colorado, Florida, and Las Vegas.

Visit or call 1-303-623-1492 today to inquire about our services!

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